Radio Days is a band made up of the staff and teachers from one of Atlanta’s leading music teaching studio’s, Sandy Springs Music.  But make no mistake about it, these are not just teachers, each member is a seasoned professional musician with their own storied professional career playing in bands, duo’s, quartets, performing in clubs, bars, for weddings, benefits, private corporate events and the like.  SSM’s owner David Szikman began putting on showcases for the students from SSM with himself and the teachers providing the back up band for their star students.    After a few of these shows, David and the SSM teachers quickly recognized the incredible talent that was on the stage and decided it was time to bring this incredible music to the public.  Because of the wide range and talents of all the members of Radio Days, the band is free to play whatever style or genre they are inclined to do.  Rock, Pop, R&B, Country, and event a little Jazz thrown in when suitable, Radio Days will bring the music you love to whatever stage they play!